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acquire a language... don't just learn it.

When it comes to teaching a second language, it’s far more about linguistics and less about grammar. Chiquitots provides natural communication so a child can acquire the Spanish language. On the other hand, language learning is not communicative and is direct instruction in the rules of language, which is not age-appropriate or effective for young learners. A child should understand the concept of a phrase intially, rather than the direct translation, which they will learn later on their educational journey.

Different muscles are also used to speak Spanish than English and our students exercise their mouth, cheeks, nose, and tongue by enunciating Spanish to allow those muscles to develop.

Our secret salsa is a special batch of lessons with the most commonly used vocabulary sets for children. We spice it up with a dash of cognates and sprinkle of homonyms. All of this is a recipe for Spanish that children will digest and retain.